Discover the charm of San Francisco Heights, a unique residential subdivision spread across 6.1 hectares on Camotes Island, Cebu. With 471 homes, including the Bianca Townhouse, Leila Single Attached, and Chloe Single Detached, this community is tailored for modern family living, offering a delightful blend of style and comfort.

Located in the center of San Francisco town, San Francisco Heights offers a perfect blend of island serenity and city convenience. Imagine living just steps away from schools, markets, hospitals, Prince Hypermart, hardware stores, churches, pharmacies, banks, and more. This means everything you need is close by, ensuring a life of comfort and accessibility. It’s not just about being close to nature; it’s about being part of a lively and vibrant community where all your essentials are right at your fingertips.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our eco-friendly solar street lights and the lush green spaces that embrace each home. The Main Island Park, the basketball court, and the kids’ playground are perfect for family outings, fostering a strong sense of community.

Safety and security are paramount, with vigilant security ensuring a tranquil living environment. Plus, the clubhouse is a hub for community gatherings and relaxation, making it more than just a subdivision—it’s a place where life flourishes.

In addition to leisure and security, San Francisco Heights offers various financing options for ease of ownership, making your dream home both attainable and affordable. The subdivision’s strategic location in the center of San Francisco town means everything you need is just a short drive away, blending convenience with the peacefulness of island life. With a range of homes designed for every family size and preference, San Francisco Heights isn’t just an address; it’s your gateway to a life of balance and beauty.

At San Francisco Heights, embrace the tranquility of island living, enhanced by the comforts of modern infrastructure. It’s more than a home; it’s a lifestyle waiting for you.

Chloe Single Detached


  • Total Contract Price:            3,190,000
  • Reservation Fee:                     20,000
  • Monthly Downpayment:    17,166.67
  • Downpayment Terms:          36 Months
  • Loanable Amount:                  2,552,000


  • Total Contract Price:      3,519,120
  • Reservation Fee:              20,000
  • Monthly Downpayment:    18,995.11
  • Downpayment Terms:       36 Months
  • Loanable Amount:                2,815,296

Leila Single Attached


  • Total Contract Price:            2,420,000
  • Reservation Fee:                     15,000
  • Monthly Downpayment:    13,027.78
  • Downpayment Terms:          36 Months
  • Loanable Amount:                  1,936,000


  • Total Contract Price:      2,860,000
  • Reservation Fee:              15,000
  • Monthly Downpayment:    15,472.22
  • Downpayment Terms:       36 Months
  • Loanable Amount:                2,288,000

Bianca Townhouse


  • Total Contract Price:            1,650,000
  • Reservation Fee:                     10,000
  • Monthly Downpayment:    8,888.89
  • Downpayment Terms:          36 Months
  • Loanable Amount:                  1,320,000


  • Total Contract Price:      1,980,000
  • Reservation Fee:              10,000
  • Monthly Downpayment:    10,722.22
  • Downpayment Terms:       36 Months
  • Loanable Amount:                1,584,000


San Francisco Heights is a gated subdivision offering comprehensive amenities for comfortable living in Camotes Island. Greeted by the lovely entrance, you’ll find yourself stepping into a thoughtfully designed subdivision that harmonizes modern living with the charm of island life.

The community includes a clubhouse for events and social activities, a basketball court for sports enthusiasts, and a playground for children. Pocket gardens throughout the area provide green spaces for relaxation, while commercial spaces cater to daily needs and shopping.

The subdivision is also equipped with solar street lights, enhancing visibility and safety while being environmentally conscious. San Francisco Heights combines practical facilities with secure living, ensuring a well-rounded lifestyle for its residents.


Camotes Island, a tropical jewel in Cebu, Philippines, is the epitome of a beach paradise with its idyllic white sands, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery. As a tranquil retreat in the Visayas, it invites you to explore its hidden caves, serene lakes, and captivating waterfalls.

Accessible by a short ferry ride from Cebu City, Lilo-an, and Danao, it’s soon to be even more reachable with the upcoming opening of its new airport. Adventure around the island is authentic and thrilling—hop on a motorcycle or squeeze into a multicab and let the local vibes guide your journey. Here, the modern world gently blends with the unspoiled environment and the rich Philippine culture.

Camotes Island is not just a travel destination; it’s an array of experiences waiting to be savored by anyone seeking peace or adventure, with amenities that ensure comfort without compromising the island’s rustic charm. Whether you’re looking to indulge in leisure by the sea, take on water sports like paddleboarding, or dive into a vibrant underwater world, Camotes Island is a sanctuary for all.


On July 18, 2023, Camotes Island hosted a two-day seminar by the Department of Human Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD), attended by thirty-five municipal representatives from the island’s four local government units (LGUs).

The seminar facilitated an exchange of knowledge and best practices among key local officials, including Mayors, Vice-Mayors, Engineers, Assessors, Legislative Council Members, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinators, Environmental and Natural Resources Officers, Disaster Risk Reduction Managers, DENR appointees, Draftsmen, Drivers, and Emergency Responders.

The focus was on understanding and committing to the guidelines, requirements, and standards mandated by the LGU and DHSUD to ensure the successful initiation and progress of upcoming development projects – San Francisco Heights Subdivision located in Western Poblacion.