San Francisco, a vibrant first-class municipality in the Cebu province, stands out for its robust local economy and community-driven development. Recognized for its progress and governance, it offers a blend of traditional charm and modern amenities, making it an attractive destination for residents and visitors alike. The town’s commitment to sustainable growth positions it as a leading example of prosperity within the province.


St. Joseph Parish, with its striking teal facade, stands as a spiritual beacon in the heart of San Francisco, Camotes Islands. Located directly across from the town hall, this church is not only a place for worship and reflection but also a central landmark in the community, symbolizing the town’s rich cultural and religious heritage.


The CTU campus in Camotes is one of the satellite campuses of this state university, providing higher education opportunities in various fields of study to the island’s residents and those from surrounding areas. This institution is part of the broader CTU system, which is known for its technology, engineering, and agriculture programs, among others.


Landbank in Poro, Camotes Island, is a trusted financial establishment that caters to the banking needs of the local community. Offering a full suite of services, from personal banking to agricultural and business loans, Landbank supports the economic growth and financial well-being of its clients on the island.


Camotes Medical Clinic and Infirmary and St. Jude Diagnostic Center, including its Eye Care Clinic, Pharmacy, and Birthing Home, provide comprehensive medical services to the island, from emergency care to specialized diagnostics, ensuring quality health care for the community.


Camotes Island is served by the Ricardo L. Maningo Memorial Hospital, a key healthcare institution for the local community. Established over four decades ago, this public hospital stands as the primary medical facility for the island’s residents, featuring in-patient care, an emergency room, and an outpatient department. Recent expansions funded by the Cebu Provincial Government have further improved its services, ensuring it meets the evolving health needs of the island’s population.


Prince Hypermart is Camotes Island’s go-to destination for a wide variety of shopping needs. Offering a vast selection of groceries, clothing, and household items, it provides the community with a convenient and affordable retail experience.


For those seeking value deals, Prince Town is the perfect complement, presenting a variety of grocery items and daily necessities at discounted prices, catering to budget-conscious shoppers and ensuring that the community has access to affordable shopping options.”


The San Francisco Police Station on Camotes Islands, nestled amidst lush greenery, is a blue-hued building that stands as a symbol of peace and order. It serves as the frontline of law enforcement and public service in this picturesque locale. Beside it, the Fire Department is equally prepared, with state-of-the-art firefighting equipment and trained personnel ready to respond to emergencies.


The Agora Market is a vibrant hub of local commerce on Camotes Island, serving as a central point for both locals and visitors to explore. It offers a wide range of products from fresh produce and seafood to local handicrafts and souvenirs. The market is known for its lively atmosphere and the variety of goods available at reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking for ingredients for a beach picnic, or simply want to experience the local flavor, the Agora Market is a must-visit destination on Camotes Island.


Emerald Mini Depot is a one-stop hardware store on Camotes Island that provides a comprehensive range of building supplies and home improvement products. From essential tools to construction materials, and even home appliances, it caters to the needs of both local residents and businesses. Known for its welcoming atmosphere indicated by the ‘Welcome Suki’ sign, which implies valued customers, Emerald Mini Depot is committed to offering quality items and friendly service, making it a go-to destination for those tackling construction projects or home renovations on the island.


Micho & Michael Enterprises Home Appliance store is a go-to destination for household needs on Camotes Island, offering a wide selection of appliances that promise to make life easier and more comfortable. From kitchen gadgets to essential home electronics, this store caters to all home appliance requirements. With its reputation for quality and variety, it ensures that every home on the island is equipped with the latest in appliance technology, all within a friendly and welcoming shopping environment. Whether upgrading your home or fitting out a new one, Micho & Michael Enterprises is the place to find everything you need.


Camotes Islands are served by multiple ports, including Consuelo Port, which is one of the main gateways to this beautiful group of islands. Regular ferry services like Jomalia Shipping and MV Junmar Express operate daily trips to and from Poro-Danao and Cebu, making the islands accessible for both residents and tourists. The ports are equipped with facilities to ensure a comfortable transition for travelers, including waiting areas managed by the Cebu Port Authority at Port of Poro. These wharfs are not just transit points but are also part of the local culture, bustling with activity and offering a first glimpse into the island life for newcomers.


Camotes Island is gearing up for a new chapter in connectivity and convenience with the upcoming Camotes Airport. This development is set to open new avenues for tourism and trade, making the island even more accessible to both domestic and international travelers. With the promise of easier travel, visitors can look forward to shorter journeys and more time to enjoy the island’s pristine beaches, natural attractions, and local culture. The airport will serve as a significant boost to the local economy, providing an infrastructural upgrade that underlines the island’s growth and potential. Keep an eye out for the “soon to rise” Camotes Airport, a gateway to a quicker and more efficient travel experience to this beautiful region.